Sara Clement Licensed Massage Therapist
Hours And Policies

Walk-ins are not available, but please call and check availability for same day appointments.

I strive to maintain a warm, respectful, and professional atmosphere and ask my clients to do the same. The following policies are in place because I rely on my income as a massage therapist to support my family.

 24 hour Advance Cancellation Policy

    I understand that emergencies  and unanticipated events do happen, but please be considerate and try to give at least 24 hours notice if you must cancel your massage appointment. Clients who cancel the same day are responsible for the full price of the massage scheduled OR, in the event of an emergency, may reschedule within five days of the original appointment with no extra charge. "No call, no show" or forgotten appointments are considered same day cancellations and the client will be responsible for paying the full price of the massage before the following visit. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Late Policy

     If a client arrives late, I will decide if there is enough time remaining for the service, bearing in mind the session may need to be shortened to accommodate following appointments. Regardless, the client is responsible for the full price of the scheduled massage.

Termination of Session

     I, as the therapist, reserve the right to terminate the session in the event of a client's inappropriate behavior, sexual or otherwise, intoxication, or infectious diseases (cold, flu, rash, etc.). In the event of a terminated session, the client will be responsible for the full price of the scheduled service.

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